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Enhance your karma at Ris’tretto with suspended coffee

The Ris'tretto café at the top end of Barbadoes Street (near Edgeware Road, opposite St Albans Park) has been an early and proud Christchurch champion of the glowing global movement / initiative of suspended coffee. Suspended coffee began as a good-will tradition in Naples (where by some accounts, it has been occurring for over a hundred years), before more recently becoming a popular movement throughout the rest of Italy, and subsequently (and increasingly) all over the world.

Customers who wish to participate/donate and put a bit of kindness into their day simply pay for two coffees – one for themselves, and another which is held “suspended” for anyone that comes in and asks for one, allowing Ris'tretto to provide a free of coffee to someone who deserves a pick me up. It's simple initiative to provide a coffee for someone in need or who can’t easily afford the little luxury of a good cuppa, and feels good for your soul to contribute to!

Among others, Ris'tretto offer their suspended coffees (or hot chocolates) to worthy organisations and people, such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters Christchurch mentors (and the young people they mentor). Get down there, pop in, have yourself a coffee (they’re very good, incidentally) and do a bit of pay-it-forwarding!

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