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Hot In The City - Victoria Street

Anyone serious about their dining and drinking will have already spent some major time trawling Christchurch’s über nightlife hotspot, putting in some quality hours at the likes of Smash Palace, Carlton (not technically in Victoria St, but well within range), Cruz Bar, King of Snake, Mexicano’s, Tequila Mockingbird, Harlequin Public House (just out of the Victoria St line on the corner of Salisbury and Montreal Streets), and Mashina Lounge. Bar and restaurant owners aren't content to rest on their laurels, though – the options for your night out along Vic Street just keep increasing. The reborn The Bog is now back on the scene (after its quake-imposed hiatus) bigger and better than ever, joining the cocktail-cool of The Dirty Land from Tony Astle. Mr Astle is also set to re-open his pre-quake Thai favourite Chinwag, again down – you guessed it – Victoria Street.

Getting from one end of this inner-city hospitality highway to the other in just one evening is becoming an increasingly tough challenge – but it's one we’re always up for!




Tequila Mockingbird


King of Snake


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