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The Monday Room Opens in Christchurch

Here at Cityscape, we’ve been in a state of eager anticipation for the past few weeks. You see, our office is not so very far away from the lovely Strategy building on the corner of Madras Street and Moorhouse Avenue where The Monday Room has been taking shape – and now it’s finally open!

Fans of 205 in the Manchester Street of old will no doubt also be eager to sample the latest addition to Christchurch’s bar and restaurant line-up, and they won’t be disappointed. The new venture from the 205 team oozes New World atmosphere and serves up exciting cuisine seven days a week from 7am.

Don’t miss the awesome new breakfast and lunch menus – not your usual fare! There are quick cabinet options to choose from too.

Later in the day (and deep into the night), The Monday Room offers yummy finger food, exquisite cocktails and the world’s best whiskeys, spirits and wines. Keep an eye out for live music from New Zealand and international talent.

Sounds good to us. No wonder The Monday Room promises to get you addicted.

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