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Beam Me Up


In a super funky hybrid of exclusive function space and killer shrine to all that’s holy in the world of Jim Beam, new Victoria Street addition Beam Gallery is the country’s undisputed mothership for bourbon aficionados. Showcasing Christchurch bourbon kingpin Frank van Schaijik’s epic, more-than-four-decade-spanning (and world-leading!) collection of Jim Beam decanters, memorabilia and collectibles, this is one jaw-droppin’ space to rock your next soirée, launch or corporate event.

Passing through its unassuming entrance via near-life-size statues of Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, visitors are greeted by glittering floor-to-ceiling glass cabinets running the length of the space along either wall. These proudly display more than 1,800 pieces of Jim Beam paraphernalia from sports cars, sporting heroes, wild animal and iconic effigy decanters through to super-exclusive limited edition bottles, World Fair one-offs and three each of the ridiculously-rare silver cowboy and cowgirl decanters (there are only four of each in the world!).


A collection of Jim Beam-branded guitars adds swag to the broody, boozy decadence alongside retro advertising and signage, while Frank’s Dutch lineage is represented via a celebration of all things Heineken in the back left corner. Bar leaners/display cases running down the centre of the room house similarly rare trinkets, while a bar area allows for exclusive tastings, and catering is also available.

Beam Gallery
74 Victoria Street (by appointment only)
021 322 847
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