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Ever since the delightfully decadent concept of the cronut came onto our radar, we here at Cityscape have eagerly anticipated getting our jaws around them. But despite rumour, hearsay, vague promises and staff members desperately sniffing around dodgy alleys outside bakeries at 3am in the hope of a lucky discovery, no cronut appeared. The days turned to weeks and still no cronut. All seemed lost. Staff grew despondent. Tempers frayed. Humble biscuits from the morning tea box were hurled across the office in frustation to the cry of "This ain't no cronut!" (Even our impeccable grammatical standards were slipping.) Things, in short, were getting desperate. 

Thank goodness then for Steve Illenberger and the good people at Good Honest Products, who today rode to our rescue like white knights on chargers. Deep fried, chocolate filled, delicious chargers.


PRAISE BE, the cronut had arrived, and the cronut was good. Like a pack of ravenous (but immaculately mannered) hyenas, Cityscapers descended on our precious cronuts from left and right, all eager to sample. We won't lie to you - the anticipation may have unhinged some of us slightly:


What with the rabid anticipation of the Cityscape team at fever pitch, our two precious cronuts lasted approximately 16 seconds, but what glorious seconds they were. And we were lucky to get them - Steven at Good Honest Products tells us each cronut takes three days to make, and making them in bulk is difficult due to their cooking requirements. This makes the Chistchurch cronut a precious commodity - Steven tells us this week's Thursday (now known at GHP as "Cronut Day") supply of 90 cronuts lasted just 44 minutes! Best to set your tent up down on Annex Road for next Thursday now, probably.

Heartfelt thanks from Cityscape to Steven and the Good Honest Products team! Our curiosity is finally and most satisfylingly sated - now all we need to deal with is our possible new addiction.



Mmmmm, cronut.




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