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Don't Give Up Your Day Job

Cityscape’s Kayte Johnston tries her hand at dumpling mastery with a day at Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar.


I’m very good at eating dumplings; I generously immerse them in chilli oil and savour their delicious favours with each bite. So when I’m offered the opportunity to join the team at Pot Sticker Dumpling Bar at The Colombo, I’m thinkin’ ‘hello mothership’.

The day starts early (and suitably caffeinated), hitting the Chinese markets and liaising with Peter Timbs Meats for free-range meat and Peter Rabbit’s Patch for fresh vegetables for the fillings (about 13 kilos of coriander and 10 kilos of garlic chives are used each week!), then it’s time to pull on the crisp white PSD top and cap and rock this gig.

Dumplings, I’m told, can be filled with just about anything. However, they have to be made with love. Tracy and Angela kindly show me the ropes: each dumpling case is expertly filled, folded together to form intricate pleats then cooked (steamed or fried) to order.

My normally nimble keyboard-savvy digits, unfortunately, are no match for their 400-dumplings-an-hour prowess. Their dexterity comes in handy as it’s pretty much hammer time from 11.30am to 3pm, then prepping starts for the next day. It’s fast, furious and super fun work, and I’ll definitely be back – to order some from the other side of the counter!


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Guest 24 January 2018