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How to Look Fancy (When You're Not)

Brush up on your dining etiquette and you’ll fit right in with even the poshest crowd

  • Look, don’t touch – don’t begin eating until everyone has been served.
  • Spoon with decorum – when eating soup, tilt the spoon up to your mouth and sip from the side.
  • Don’t cut it – bread is for breaking, not cutting. Break off a bite-sized piece, butter and eat.
  • Hand’s off! – use cutlery where possible, though you may use your fingers for asparagus, lamb cutlets, ribs, prawns, pizza, sandwiches or burgers.
  • Finishing up – when you’ve finished, place cutlery side-by-side on your plate, fork prongs  facing up. If you’re just pausing, place cutlery in a V-shape across your plate, tops together and fork prongs facing down.

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