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New Zealand Motion Picture Industry Council recognises Lang Masters of The Hollywood

HollywoodLang Masters has no plans to retire. The octogenarian owner-operator of the Hollywood 3 Cinema in Sumner just keeps on trucking, with his lifelong love of – and service to –cinema in New Zealand recently officially recognised by a service award from the New Zealand Motion Picture Industry Council.

Lang and his wife Maureen have kept the Hollywood running for over 50 years, through all the ebbs and flows of the movie business during that time – the rise of television, the advent of the mass-market multiplex, and now the age of home theatres and Internet piracy. The Hollywood is comfortably Christchurch’s oldest surviving suburban cinema. Lang’s own love of cinema goes all the way back to his immediate post-school days.

"It's been over 50 years. As long as I'm alive, I'll be doing this," the octogenarian recently told The Press. "I enjoy it and if you enjoy it, it's not a job."

Under Lang and Maureen’s stewardship, The Hollywood continues to be a go-to cinema in Christchurch for lovers of arthouse and foreign film, but far from being just a bolthole for film elitists, the cinema adds quality mainstream Hollywood films such as The Hobbit, recent Bond films, and (currently, for example) The Great Gatsby to its playlist, making it a true community cinema. It also caters for unique events such as the upcoming Burlesque Assassins movie and live show.

Cityscape can’t think of a better place in Christchurch to recapture the romance and old-school glamour of a night out at the movies – we suggest you ditch the soulless multiplex and make an excursion out to Sumner to see what makes Lang such a venerable and fantastic local film champion.


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