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The Home Front

Cityscape hits up the experts to find out what’s hot and happening in homes this season.


With Frobisher Interiors' Georgia Langridge.

Right now we are taking our search for inspiration international, and are loving two trends in particular that combine timeless luxury with unexpected contemporary features. The new elegance An Art Deco-derived trend that incorporates lavish fabrics such as soft silks and plush velvets teamed with brass and gold. Subtle tonal variances of greens or blues will allow the metals to be your accents that pop. Further adding to this is the use of statement pieces such as Art Deco-inspired starburst chandeliers to provide a central focal point and create an ambience within the space. This is a formula that heightens the drama in an interior, achieving a fine balance of a relaxed elegance. Bringing the outdoors in Designers are typically inspired by the natural world that surrounds them, and this season in interiors is no exception. Wood, leather and stones contrasting against soft natural fabrics will not only provide interest to the eye, but also be engaging to the touch. Flowers, succulents and foliage plants are an effortless way to achieve a ‘green’ interior. For a hint of sophistication, use crisp white lillies.



Planet-friendly and oh so eco-cool, style’s latest must-have is all about reclaimed wood. Whether it’s a funky accent wall or custom piece, reclaimed wood brings natural material and a back story into the home – mix with salvaged stone, metal and white marble for the ultimate luxe touch.


Weatherboard Table (RRP $2,625) from Rekindle

GREY AREAS Pantone is throwing down the gauntlet, claiming Marsala is the colour of the year. Much like the fortified wine that gives Marsala its name, the grounding red-brown hue is being touted as emanating a sophisticated, natural earthiness. For those unconvinced, or less brazen, word is grey is the new beige. Lean to the taupey side and bolster with earthy elements. Riffing on the 2015 spring/summer collections dreamy pastels are also hot (think candy pink and minty green), as are wishy washy watercolours in blues, oranges, yellows, pinks and greens.

In The Kitchen

While white kitchens in the past decade have dominated new home and kitchen renovations alike, and enlisted the use of glass and tile splashbacks or accessories to add the colour to the space, we are now seeing a fabulous trend towards textured wooden and coloured door fronts being mixed with the timeless white door fronts, says Sarah Van der Kley, Senior Designer at Palazzo Kitchens and Appliances. “We know that white and wood is a marriage made in heaven and what we have seen throughout New Zealand and Europe is white also loves a good strong splash of colour as well. For the colour-passionate we now have door fronts in yellow, orange and a very sexy midnight blue. The trendy colours confidently invite you to get in the kitchen and get creative with your cooking.” Clever design is also important, says Julie Leonard of Euroform Kitchens. “Today’s kitchens should be about good design but also have atmosphere and personality. The kitchen is often in an open plan environment, so the design focus is on creating a good flow between the kitchen and living spaces, and this can be accentuated by the choice of colour and materials to seamlessly blend a space. Interesting combinations can be achieved by mixing of materials – glass, stone, timber, metals, painted surfaces and stainless steel – the choices are endless.”


Palazzo Kitchens and Appliances

BATHROOM TRENDS For bathrooms it’s all about refined elegance with a touch of nature via earthy materials like natural stone, wood and natural-looking porcelain wall and floor tiles. According to Lesley Storm at Edward Gibbon the freestanding bath is where it’s at for creating a sculptural design feature and setting the scene for rest and relaxation.


With Eco Frame and Mirror’s Dan Sutherland.

For every artwork there is a perfect combination of frame style, border size and mounting style waiting to be found. Selection of the frame comes about through interpretation of the customer’s ideas and a discussion that will quickly provide a sense that the solution has literally just appeared. By trying samples until this magical combination ‘feels’ right, both the customer and consultant reach the conclusion that nothing else will do. Custom framing of artwork and memorabilia and reframing to bring favourite items back to life enhance, complement and protect your artwork for years to come.


Buying vintage is the ultimate in eco-friendly shopping, says Monica Jordyn at Mr Mod. "Vintage is inherently recycled and reused". Well-designed and constructed (if it’s lasted this long it’s here to stay), repairable, transcending fashion fads, mixes well with modern pieces and likely to increase in value – what’s more, chances are you won’t walk into your friend’s house and see the same piece!


IN THE DEEP END When it comes to swimming pools, we’re going back to nature. Scrap that Jules Verne under the sea-inspired mosaic design and opt for natural-looking pools and ponds that blend in with the environment. For water features, think harmonious tranquility. Ostentatious gushing dolphin water fountains are so over; it’s all about still ponds, gentle trickles and bubbling water features.


POND LIFE Don’t use the pool much anymore? Join the growing trend of people converting them into eco-friendly ponds and really get back to nature. Add native fish and aquatic plants and watch nature take over.


Not just for apologising husbands, flowers can make a valuable contribution to your interior style. Nona Eklund of Moffatt’s Flower Company suggests making an impact with flowers at home by keeping it simple with one type of flower or colour mixed with greenery. For a striking feature large flowers such as lilies, chrysanthemums or tropical flowers (anthuriums, orchids and strelitzia) should be go-to choices. Letty Hamilton at Pepperberry Café & Florist recommends seasonal blooms and opting for aromatic arrangements to carry the atmosphere throughout the house. Increase longevity by adding a drop or two of bleach and half a teaspoon of sugar (or flower food) to the water and snipping stems every 2-3 days.


Continuing to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living, backyards are taking on a much more significant role. They’re no longer just the backdrop for the barbie or the kids’ swing ball set – think outdoor kitchens, wood-fired pizza ovens, and elaborate outdoor dinner parties. The key to gardening trends is making it work for you – flowers are all good and well, but where’s the pay off? Cue huge trends in berry-producing shrubs (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry and red- and blackcurrants) and manageable (dwarf) fruit trees, reflective of a sustainable lifestyle. Container and food gardens provide tremendous self -satisfaction and also result in ridiculously low/non-existent food miles!


Yep, you heard it here first – this spring it’s all about ‘Gardentainment’ – creating a refuge in your garden that actually gets used. Spring is a time to reconnect with nature, so why not get your Zen on and transform your green space into a relaxing oasis? Invest in some outdoor furniture – perhaps a hammock to sack out in or a swing set – or create a pond or water feature and bask in the glory of Mother Nature.

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