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Wardrobe Mistress

It’s time to air the ankles, boys, with cropped and rolled-up pant legs this season’s hot new look. But before you rock out with your socks out there are a few guidelines, nay rules, to follow/obey in order to pull this off. Key to this look is showing off the shoe or boot you’re wearing, not the ankle (most of us have these); so no jandals – not even Havaianas. Therefore, said shoe or boot needs to be worth showing. No one, and I mean no one, wants to see you flashing that busted pair of Vans. Socks, if you’re wearing them, need to be at the ritzy end of the scale. Avoid plain white and the Mr. Ticklish pair your grandma bought you – remember, you’re channelling Marlon Brando’s effortless ‘50s cool, not Steve Urkel’s awkward ‘80s poindextery. And finally, despite what your mother told you, size matters lads. It’s all about trouser length (note above example!) and respect the inside leg. Now, where did I put that measuring tape? …

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