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10 Ways To Calm Frayed Nerves

You live in Christchurch – if you didn’t get stressed out once in a while you wouldn’t be human. But decompression is easy when you know how – before blowing a gasket you should try the following:

1 Get Stoned

There’s not much that 2-hours of Hot Stone Therapy can’t fix. This ancient holistic sensory experience at Lotus at Siam Thai Day Spa uses perfectly-positioned hot basalt stones to relax muscles, improve circulation and calm the nervous system allowing for a super relaxing extreme deep tissue massage. Lock one in here:


2 Crack a Book

Need a change of scenery but can’t afford a holiday? Escape into another, less stressful (for you) world – get hooked on a feel-good classic like To Kill a Mockingbird, laugh at someone else’s misfortune in Angela’s Ashes, bask in the glory of revenge in The First Wive’s Club and root for A Confederacy of Dunces’ unlikely hero.

3 Hit the Road

Fresh air and exercise are a cure-all, a leisurely stroll along the Avon River or through the Botanic Gardens just might be what the doctor ordered. However, if you need a stronger prescription, hit the Port Hills and burn-off some serious rage with an uphill hike then bask in the glory of a killer view and a well-earned sense of achievement.

4 Bliss Out

Get out of your head and enter a Zen-like state of calm with a yoga class. Practicing yoga builds your ability to calm, focus, balance, and relax, so after a few deep breaths and a couple of downward-facing dogs at Grassroots Yoga & Health or Flow Hot Yoga those ongoing EQC worries will melt away (until the next email/phone call). 

5 Laugh it Off

For a quick release of endorphins and serotonin, swing by the Laughter Club and, for just $2, discover why laughter really is the best medicine. A natural antidote to stress, an hour of laughing hard will beat down those stress hormones and have you ready to take on the world. Sundays, 11am – 12pm at the Scottish Society Hall, Cnr of Edgeware and Caledonian Roads in St Albans.

6 Reroute the Rage

Don’t let all that pent-up aggression and blinding fury go to waste – hit CrossFit Trailblazers for a super fun way of working out those issues, jacking up your fitness levels and getting your body totally ripped – as an added bonus you’ll also sleep like a baby (an exhausted one) after. 

7 Pay it Forward

Stop sitting around stewing in your own bile – get out there and make a difference and bring a positive change into the world. Get your volunteer on at a homeless or animal shelter, help cook for the family of a sick child at Ronald McDonald House or get yourself practised in the art of random acts of kindness.

8 Unleash Your Inner Artist

Indulge in some creative art therapy and stress relief – take an art class or just pick up a brush and start painting. If you’re not into landscapes or portraits, why not paint a room or your house – now that’s a win/win!

9 Embrace the Darkside

Who doesn’t feel better after chocolate? As an instant pick-me-up, super dark chocolate (sorry, no milk or white allowed) is crammed with antioxidant flavonoids that are all about relaxing blood vessels and bringing some overall calm. Dark chocolate is also said to trigger the first emotions of love – just don’t go getting into too heavy an affair!  

10 Go off the Grid

Ditch the screens – unplug, shut down and log off to kick that FOMO (fear of missing out) into touch and embrace the calming serenity our earlier ancestors enjoyed back in the day. Sure, you’ll never know what Brenda had for lunch, but will the world stop turning? Probably not.

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