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7 Ways to Beat the Winter Chill

Yeah, we know – winter’s here and it kinda sucks. But you don’t have to shiver the next few months away – follow our scorching tips on turning the up heat without having to leave the hemisphere and take charge of your own climate control!

C’mon Guys, Get Fireside

Dux Fireside

Plenty of excellent restaurants around the city offer a bonus: the chance to get romantically snug with some fireside dining over the colder months. Cosy up with some excellent eats and that someone special at the likes of Fiddlesticks, Clink, Local. at Riccarton House, Dux Dine (pictured) or Pegasus Bay Winery Restaurant.

Hat Trick

Did you know that statistically, there’s an 80% chance that someone you know has given you a statistic about the huge amount of body heat that you lose through your head? It’s not actually really true (thanks, science), but there’s no denying that you’ll immediately feel the relief on a chill day when you get those exposed ears of yours under cover. Get yourself a good wool, wool-blend or polar fleece number and you may enjoy the difference so much that you find yourself wearing it to bed!

Rug Up


There’s no need to suspend your sense of style just because you’re blobbing out on the couch with a Blu-Ray and a blanket, right? Look good when you cocoon-up with the sweet Scandinavian stylings of blankets from Nordic Chill – those northern Europeans not only know style, but more than a thing or two about how to stay warm properly (which is why they use Kiwi wool)!

Work Up A Sweat

Getting some exercise in on the regular is a great way to warm up and combat those potential Seasonal Affective Disorder blues – you’ll just feel better about yourself. Hit the gym, a hot yoga class from Flow Hot Yoga, or take to the pool, ideally followed by a spa and sauna! (Ain’t no-one getting cold in those.)

New Jersey


Needing to prepare properly for some colder weather is a perfectly sensible-sounding excuse for a major wardrobe update. Tap the world famous styling and warmth of Untouched World’s exquisite knitwear (made right here!) to stay chic even as you stride about unconcerned in the Christchurch chill, laughing derisively at Jack Frost’s efforts to bring you down.

Luck of the Irish

Winter’s the perfect time to be adding a little somethin’-somethin’ to the after dinner coffee to warm up from the inside out – The Villas will hook you up with Baileys, Amaretto, Kahlua or Jameson Irish whisky versions, while over at the reborn The Monday Room there’s some slightly different temptations on offer in the form of their adult hot chocolates, including the extra-warming Big Red, a hot chocolate with cinnamon flavours and Jack Daniels Fire for that extra heat!

Captain Cook


Whipping up a culinary storm in the kitchen not only gets you up and moving, but also lets you hang out in front of the oven! (Best not to stand in front of the microwave for too long, though.) There’s few better winter warmers than a good curry or getting stuck into your own loaf of freshly-baked bread – why not learn from the pros at Strawberry Fare Bake School or The Asiatique by jumping on board for one of their regular classes.



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