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Yeehaa! Cityscape catches up with Jimeoin

Cityscape has a chat to Irish-Aussie comedian Jimeoin ahead of his upcoming show here as part of the New Zealand International Comedy Festival.


Looking at your poster and show name Yeehaa!, are we to believe that you’re a bit of a cowboy at heart?
Yeehaa. Grew up on westerns. Wasn't allowed a gun as grew up in Northern Ireland and we weren't allowed them. Not even toy ones.

What can Kiwi audiences expect from your latest show?
A big laugh. You will be none the wiser at the end of it.

You appear to have the hardest working eyebrows in the business; do you have a special training regime or do they require any pre-show exercises?
I think it's because people had a hard time understanding me – I had to be expressive. 

You’re now billed as a ‘Comedy Superstar’ – what sort of pressure does that add to your performance?
I am? Well I'll take your word for it. No pressure. Still do gigs where people don't know who the f**k I am.

Your comedy has taken you around the world – which places make you work hardest for a laugh?
East end of London don't let you away with much. Belfast can be tricky. That's because they know me.

Did you create your own signature move while touring with the ‘Puppetry of the Penis’ boys?
I started the whole thing I'll let you know. It all came from my tour. I workshopped a couple of ideas.

Have any Kiwi experiences made their way into any of your shows?
You will have to come and see it!

Jimeoin brings his show YEEHAA! to Christchurch on Sunday the 8th May, 7:30pm at the Isaac Theatre Royal.

For more show information and bookings, head to Ticketek.


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