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Diamonds Are Forever



It was during the creation of his fiancé’s engagement ring that Christchurch lad living in London Dan Joines was bewitched by the dazzling glamour and romance of creating fierce diamond jewellery.

“I loved the whole process,” he says from his killer jewellery boutique Polished Diamonds, perfectly placed along the pastel-coloured parade of 1930s Spanish Mission-style cool of New Regent Street.

“The idea of creating something unique and selecting the stones and designing the piece makes it all the more special. I thought, how can I bring some of the romance to what is a typically a boring practice – looking at cookie-cut engagement rings under a glass counter – which should be exciting?”

Trading in a corporate finance gig, Dan returned home to start up what is now, arguably, one of the country’s leading creators of bespoke, custom jewellery perfected.

By utilising computer-aided design and 3D printing, each of his custom-made pieces are created precisely to the unique requirements of each client. So, no matter how elaborate, personal or seemingly unachievable by conventional jewellery standards the client’s initial idea may seem, Dan and the Polished Diamonds team are able to bring to life the truest representation of his clients’ hearts’ desire. “For many people, for what they are after, there’s no one else doing what I’m doing.”

While traditional methods left room for error or misinterpretation, Polished Diamonds’ computer-aided design and 3D printing process ensures the concept is flawlessly transitioned to the finished product, whether that’s an engagement ring, a bracelet, a pendant or earrings.

“It’s this unique process that means we are always going to over deliver – I have never had an unsatisfied customer,” beams Dan.

And with a dazzling selection of GIA-certified laser etched diamonds (20,000 are listed on the Polished Diamonds website!) coming from all over the world (much like Dan’s customer base) clients are spoiled for choice. They’re also ensured of their diamond’s quality and security, and guaranteed that it’s been ethically sourced and has conflict-free status. 

At Polished Diamonds, they're all about bringing the sparkle and romance back to creating exquisite jewellery.

Polished Diamonds
0800 233 299
30 New Regent Street


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