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Cathedral Square Open to Christchurch

Have you been to Cathedral Square lately? The Cathedral Square Walkway opened last weekend, giving locals a chance to return to the spiritual heart of their much-loved city. It’s an experience that is heart-rending for many, but the opportunity to come to terms with the devastation of Christchurch is hugely important.

The walkway is open from 9am till 8pm on weekends until Sunday 11 December 2011. The walkway is accessible from the intersection of Colombo Street and Cashel Mall, and up to 300 people can enter the walkway each hour.

It’s important to remember that although precautions have been taken, the area is still dangerous so entrance to the walkway is at your own risk. You must adhere to the following guidelines:
• Stay within the fences.
• Maximum visit duration is 50 minutes – the walkway is cleared on the hour.
• You must leave when asked.
• No pets (guide dogs permitted).
• Carry personal ID on your body, not in a bag.
• Wear sturdy shoes.
• Carry a charged cellphone or tell someone where you are going.

If there is an earthquake or other significant event:
• Drop. Cover. Hold.
• Always follow the instructions of security personnel.
• An emergency evacuation will be signalled by the constant sound of horns or sirens.

For more information about the Cathedral Square Walkway, visit the CERA website.


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