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Once the domain of the unkempt, professor types, hipsters and country crooner Kenny Rogers, the beard is undergoing a resurgence in the style stakes.While big, bird’s nest beards have always been associated with rugged manliness (remember Grizzly Adams? Dude built him a log cabin and tamed a bear!), the addition of some facial follicles could be just the thing to lift your tired game.However, get it wrong and strangers could be throwing loose change at your feet so, before binning the BiC, here’s are few golden rules to rocking this look.If you’re not living in the woods taming bears stay away from the bird’s nest and aim for something between Bradley Cooper’s perpetual stubble and Ryan Gosling’s well-preened ginger chinstrap (remember, if it’s not a little bit ginge, it ain’t a real beard).Keep things tidy, as you would your lawn, and no hacking with scissors – use that beard trimmer you...