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If you think the body is a remarkable instrument – you ain’t seen nothing yet’. Christchurch Arts Festivals’ breath-taking entry A Simple Space is exactly what it says on the box – black floor matting, a few lights and up close and personal with some serious acrobatics by way of the tremendous talents of the aptly-named seven-piece Australian circus troupe Gravity & Other Myths.There’s no special effects, elaborate costumes, gimmicks or circus-type frills and, occasionally, no shirts in this pared-back and relentless 60 minutes of gravity-defying human towers, dread-inducing tumbles and falls, ridiculous feats of strength and balance, strip-speed-skipping and taking ‘I could do that standing on my head’ to a whole other level!The deft, dexterous performers totally own the stage, and at times there’s so much going on as bodies are substituted for jungle gyms, skipping ropes, musical instruments and Frogger-style landing pads that it’s hard to keep up...