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Amazing Feets If you’re in the doghouse and flowers just won’t cut it, there’s another ever-reliable get-out-of-jail-free card you can pull out: the classic foot rub. If it’s worth doing it’s worth doing right, so bump that humble rub up a notch into a proper massage and earn extra brownie points with our handy tips. 1) The couch makes for a handy massage table. Put a cushion or pillow on your lap, and rest the foot requiring love on it. Slide your palm under the foot and support their heel with one hand. Use your other hand to rotate (gently!) the foot three times in both directions.2) Return the foot to your lap. Now place each of your thumbs at the centre of the arch and rub small circles with your right thumb moving clockwise and your left anticlockwise. Keep this up for 30 seconds.3) Turn attention to the toes. Lightly...