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My grip on the steering wheel is whitening my knuckles. I should be unrolling a yoga mat about now and bracing myself for enlightenment at Grassroots Yoga & Health, but in classic ‘you know you’re from Christchurch when …’ style, I’m trapped in gridlock after encountering a second road works pop-up.The 12-minute drive edges over the 25-minute mark as I pull into The Tannery car park, then dash up the stairs two-at-a-time to the studio.Inside I can feel my city-stressed shoulders immediately start to drop in the calming and quiet Zen space. I’m literally breathing in the serenity as the natural sedative of incense and therapeutic oils filling the air combines to create the perfect remedy to quiet buzzing minds and slow traffic-jacked heart rates. I kick off my shoes under the ‘tree of gratitude’ mural.The genius of husband and wife duo Katie and Berin Turner, Grassroots’ crowd-funded beginnings (larger...