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Finding beauty in the discarded and vast emptiness, Christchurch artist Gail Batchelor’s upcoming exhibition Wearing Coats at Qb Studios features a fascinating collection of lyrical abstract paintings and monochromatic collage prints. This thought-provoking series, based on the peeling hulls of derelict fishing boats Batchelor found in Moeraki, is inspired by the many layered and broken surfaces of these retired vessels, their endless trips out to sea, and their quieter times of rejuvenation and repair. Utilising enamel paint to create vibrancy and resilience, the pieces are canvassed on wooden boards or aluminium sheeting. Batchelor deliberately layered and sanded back the works achieving the complexity of texture and colours reflective of the many hands that have worked on these boats, and of the accidental spills, the patches, and the continual cycle of wear and maintenance over time in one of nature’s most beautiful and mercurial environments. Also on exhibition will be prints...