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Rumour has it that a pocket of space-time instability has created a new trans-temporal café and emporium in our fair city, bringing together wondrous inventions from an alternate Steam-powered Victorian future (as well as tapping into the creative spark of post-earthquake Christchurch). Central to the café is a steaming, clunking contraption. Combining the wonders of Steam, mechanical clockwork ingenuity and the electrical wonders pioneered by the great Nicolai Tesla himself, this fantastic device converts humble, ground beans into a potent, aromatic elixir which inspires creativity, banishes lethargy and energises the very vigour of one’s being (here in our timeline, we call it coffee). Trophies brought back from a different time by the proprietors line the premises. A variety of market goods sourced along the length and breadth of the space-time continuum are available for your browsing pleasures and purchase in the Emporium, including items of the highest fashion for men and ladies alike,...